Welcome to our blog!

Hi all! I am excited to announce our new blog. The primary purpose of this blog is going to be to give students a resource to review/remember previous lessons, and for anyone else to see what is being taught in the academy. Of course if you want to get all the details of the techniques you will have to come to class! This is not meant to be used as an instructional tool, but as a memory reinforcement tool. As we get started please bear with us as we are not expert bloggers. The plan is to film videos recapping the week’s lessons and archive them online. I am sure we will, as time progresses, find more uses for the blog and expand it to improve its user’s experience. Look forward to posts recapping this weeks lessons sometime next week.

You will be able to find the blog at summitcobjj.blog or navigate there from the drop down menu on our website. All the posts will also be shared to the facebook page.